"Capturing families together has to be one of the most rewarding jobs ever.

There’s just something about being able to photograph a new-born baby in their Daddy’s arms or the kids as they race through the park. It’s nice to know the same pictures will be looked at on their 18th Birthday in years to come. I’m not one for a white studio, I ask to photograph in a place that you are all comfortable as a family or enjoy going to regularly where more natural moments will be made."

Katie maternity portrait
mum and dad embracing new baby
mum and dad holding new born baby by barn door at the farm
mum and dad holding new born baby
big brother looking at his little brother
Maternity side shot in the park and golden light
grandparents holding baby granddaughter
baby girl on dads shoulders on the beach
family portrait of new baby siter
Baby boy looking up at mum and dad
daughter and dad holding hands
mum and dad looking at new born baby

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