I met Rebecca back in 2016 at a cafe in Liverpool and chatted all about her wedding. I immeditately loved everything about it and was so excited to be in with a chance of photographing it. Thankfully she chose me! (Thank you very much!) Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous, filled with lots of love from their own families and their church family. Then a stunning reception over at Thornton Manor. It may have rained most of the day but it didn't stop it being such a fabulous day. Here's Rebecca chatting a little more about their big day and a few of my favourite snaps... Enjoy! 

"Firstly how did your other half propse to you?!"

We went on a day trip to Keswick, in the lake district. It’s a place we visit every year and the place where he first told me he loved me. We went for a walk to our fave spot. Joe said he needed the loo and walked behind me whilst I looked onto the lake. The next minute, I heard “Becca” so turned round expecting him to ask for a tissue or hand sanitizer… nope! He was on one knee with a ring in a box! I couldn’t believe it !! 

"ENGAGEMENT! The excitement had begun. What was your first job on the to do list?"

To pick all our bridesmaids and ushers and phone them to ask if they would be apart of our day.

"THE DATE… What date did you go for and why did choose that time of year?"

We decided on the 21st July. We knew we wanted a summer wedding and we wanted it on a Friday (to save the £££) , and were conscious of the fact that a lot of our friends were teachers so the summer holiday was ideal. When we visited the venue this was the first and only Friday they had available!

"THE VENUE… Booking your venue is a huge part of your day. Where was your venue and why did you choose it?"

Since I was little, I have ALWAYS wanted to get married in Thornton Manor in Cheshire. A gorgeous manor house with 120 acres with 3 other venues. We visited only 1 venue, and put a deposit down there and then! We booked the lakeside marquee and it left us speechless when we went to view it.

"THE DRESS… Please tell us all about finding your perfect dress!"

After visiting the venue with my mum to pay the first half of the balance, she asked if we wanted to go and look at some dresses. We did and I tried on a couple and fell in love with it. The shop we went to was a buy of the rail kind of shop and I wasn’t ready to make the commitment, and also wanted my sisters to be there. We returned the week later and sadly, the dress I loved was no longer in stock… but I am so glad because I ended up finding THE dress. As I put it on and they drew the curtain back, the song we were having for our first dance was playing. I knew it was the one. Mum was crying, my sisters were crying, I was crying, I even think the shop assistant was crying! We bought it there and then!

"YOUR THEME… Did you have a specific theme/style you were going for?"

As you can probably tell, I’m quite laid back, so is Joe so we didn’t want anything to eccentric. We went for a shabby chic sort of vibe. Kraft card became my best friend, as did twine! 

"ALL THE EXTRAS… Each wedding is unique so what were those ‘special touches’ you decided to have that represented you and your other half? Pleas list as many

We (I) did a lot of homemade stuff. This allowed us to really make it personal and save some pennies.

But, saying that, don’t get swept away trying to do everything. I intended on making my own bouquets, but it was 3 weeks before and now bouquets were insight. I went to the Liverpool fruit and veg market on Edge Lane. They sell hundreds of artificial flowers that are absolutely stunning. Debbie created my bouquet, the bridesmaids bouquet and all the button holes. This was a fraction of the price of getting real flowers so if you are wanting to cut cost, have a think about that.

I always wanted blue shoes. Just because it was a little different, and my something blue. Again, since I was little I always wanted blue Jimmy Choo shoes, a particular style that they no longer made. I searched everywhere for them but had no luck. I spoke to a shop in Liverpool who use to stock them and was told they were for very petite feet (Which I certainly don’t have) so I put the idea out of my mind and thought I’d settle for a standard pair. We visited one more shop and there they were, the perfect wedding shoe. Blue glittery (not too glittery) Jimmy Choo court. It wasn’t what I initially wanted, but it was way better!

One little extra that I still love to this day was the ‘Who’s who’ on each table. We made a little booklet and in it was a little paragraph about everyone at the wedding. It was a good idea for people to be able to mingle and chat to each other without us having to go around and introduce everyone. It also allows you to show each individual how you appreciate them and the contribution they’ve made in your life.

Our favours were a bit of a kop out. We had a 'do yourself a favour' we bought a personalized stamp and printed it onto little sweet bags and directed people to a huge sweet table where they could fill up on their own favourites! It also doubled as a dessert table.

"How was your experience with me?"

Amazing! You felt like one of the guests and we loved having you there. Your relaxed approach really helped relax us!  The communication after the wedding was brilliant and the prompt arrival of our gorgeous prints, usb and lovely keepsake made the whole experience even better. I couldn’t recommend you enough !

"What was the most nerve-wracking thing about your wedding day?"

For me, it was arriving at the venue not knowing what it would look like and how it would pan out. I like knowing what will happen and when. So because I was unable to see the venue before the wedding I was a bit worried it was look rubbish! Everyone kept reminding me that people get paid a lot of money to make it exactly how we want. I was not disappointed.

"What was the best part of your day?"

There’s too much to say!! The speeches were brilliant. Hearing my dad say how proud he was of me and Joe was really heart warming – especially because I knew how nervous he was. Just having all your loved ones around, happy and excited for you and sharing in the first day of the rest of your life. It’s a special time.

"Who cried the most?"

The Master of Honor, my best friend for 11 years. He was a wreck for the majority of the day. Even at the rehearsal. And for 3 weeks before hand. And whilst we were on honeymoon. And even now, once he’s had a glass of wine. 

"What was your first dance song? And why?"

Our first dance was Ed Sheeran, Tenerife Sea. We were driving on a long journey and had it playing and both said how fitting and lovely the words were. Ever since then we didn’t even question if we would have a different one.

"Any last advice for other fellow bride-to-be’s out there?"

Enjoy the day. Don’t stress about the build up. It doesn’t matter if your tulips are pink, yellow, or green. Everyone is there to share in your special day. Stressing isn’t going to make it any easier. There’s only 24 hours in a day so just make the most of it. Be yourselves – we did a handshake before our first kiss as man and wife, because that’s us ! Don’t pretend to be something you aren’t. Make time to speak to your new hubby on your wedding day. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment chatting to people, but just take 10 minutes to step outside and speak to your new spouse. It’s the first day of the rest of your lives, so start off on the right foot!

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Mar 15, 2018 By Erin

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