Laurie and Martin requested a pre-wedding shoot with me as they weren't too confident infront of the camera at first. It was also a good chance to get to know them and what they had planned for their wedding. Laurie absolutely went to town with helpful advice for all those bride-to-be's out there! Pop the kettle on and have a little scroll... 

"Firstly, how did your other half propose to you?"

Martin Proposed on the morning of 17/09/2016. We had bought a house together 6 months previously and knew that engagement and marriage were the next steps. Every trip or special meal would grow suspicion of a proposal and I think martin then made it his mission for it to be a surprise. We got a coffee and went to Crosby marina (which we did all the time) and walked up to sit on the rocks looking out over the beach. I was that preoccupied chatting away that I didn’t see that he had written will you marry me in huge letters in the sand across the beach or that he was now down on one knee. To make the moment even better my dad and martins brothers were hiding in the sand dunes and were there to congratulate us with champagne after all of their hard work that morning.

"What was your first job on the to do list?"

After being together for 5 years we both knew that we would have a short engagement, with also wanting a summer wedding we knew that we would have to move quickly to get everything planned for the next summer. Our first job was to secure a venue since we couldn’t organize anything else before we had a confirmed date.

"The date… What date did you go for and why did choose that time of year?"

We wanted a summer wedding and most of our families tend to have their summer holidays during August so we felt that July would be the most obvious month to go with. Once we saw that the 22nd July was a Saturday we just knew that this would be the date we had to pick. This is the date that my parents got married so we knew it would be even more special for them as well as us being able to share that special date.

"The venue… Booking your venue is a huge part of your day. Where was your venue and why did you choose it?"

 We had looked at a number of different venues, but we are a very relaxed couple and we just wanted a relaxed atmosphere on the day. We also are part of such big families that we knew that we would need somewhere that would hold the large numbers that we would go on to invite. The look of the venue was not a priority to us and once we saw the Bootle cricket club and how beautifully it could be decorated it ticked all of our boxes

"Your theme… Did you have a specific theme/style you were going for?"

We didn’t go for any particular theme for the wedding we just knew that we wanted a relaxed atmosphere and for everyone to have a great time. We also knew that the more relaxed we were about the organization the less we would be hung up about little things that didn’t go exactly how we wanted on the day.

"All the extras… Each wedding is unique so what were those ‘special touches’ you decided to have that represented you and your other half?"

Our main things were the coming together of all the people we love and care for helping us on our special day. Everybody pitched in making everything perfect and by letting go of certain responsibilities made everything so much more beautiful. Myself and Martin are both Christians and we wanted our church family to be just as involved in our big day we had people make flower arrangements for inside the church and were even given bags of ivy from someone’s garden to allow us do our own arrangements in the church. We had the granddaughter of a friend at church design and draw our welcome sign which is beautiful and a great keepsake. Our sister in law is a graphic designer and made all our order of service and the powerpoint slides to match for the overhead projector during the wedding. We had a family friend do all the bouquets and my mum made our beautiful wedding cake. Our home bible study groups were also amazing by cleaning the back of the church which allowed us to have some downtime after the ceremony with some cake and tea. This also provided some rest while the photographs were being taken.

We ensured that our wedding was so family focused and it can be seen that everyone played a part in making the day special. We also needed to have a wedding ceremony centered on our God and the major role that he plays in our lives this was shown throughout our ceremony but our little touch for us was to have my wedding ring bound to martins bible that he got from his parents when he first became a Christian and his ring bound to my bible, which I got from martin as a gift when I first became a Christian. The sermon at the wedding was then given using a bible that we had bought together and this will always now be our family bible moving forward.

"How was your experience with me?"

Our experience with yourself has been nothing but perfect amazing. Finding you was an absolute blessing in itself, as I have told you before we wanted to book you for the wedding based on one picture alone. I had looked at so many different photographers and so many are posed pictures and it was just not what we had imagined for our day. We are not a couple that spend a lot of time in front of a camera and finding the perfect balance in a photographer was such a high priority for me. The friendly reception put us at ease from our first meeting and we knew that it was a great match. We wanted the relaxed photographs to reflect our day and we even booked a pre wedding photoshoot so that we knew what to expect. Which for how camera shy we are as a couple was the best thing that we did. We still had our beautiful posed shots but some of my favourites are the candid ones that would have been missed by others.

Erin is the most relaxed, professional and friendly person, her and Abi both blended into the family and didn’t impose on the goings on throughout the day. It was an easy going wedding and their personalities fitted in with us perfectly. We are not the type of couple that spends time in front of the camera; we both tend to be the back of the group sort of people. I wanted a photographer who would take relaxed photographs of the entire wedding and that is exactly what we got. I expected that I would look at my photographs and they would be placed in an album never to be seen with maybe one or two on display. The photographs that we have received are amazingly beautiful and truly capture the essence of our day. My biggest problem now is to find the space to place them all up. Everybody at the wedding commented on Erin and Abi and how they fitted in with everyone, you would never have known that they were the wedding photographers but looked more like friends. Erin is an absolute blessing and will be the first person I call whenever I need more pictures taken.

"Any last advice for other fellow bride-to-be’s out there?"

This is your day; guests won’t remember the little things that go wrong. Be true to you and your partners personalities you can’t please everybody’s opinion and there will be plenty.

The best advice that I was given is that the day goes past in a complete blur and the best thing to do is to choose some key points of the day and make every effort to be completely present in your mind take in each detail and they will stay with you. I decided upon the moments before walking down the aisle, the car journey with my dad and with martin after the wedding, the last hymn that was sung and also our first dance.

Lastly so many people place such a big emphasis on the wedding day and I did too it is such a special day, but if everything hangs on that day then the days after may become hugely deflated and a letdown once the wedding and honeymoon are over, when the daily grind of life returns. It’s the marriage that I wanted not just the wedding; it is the day that started a journey not the end of one. And with that as our main focus it was easier to let go of the little stuff that doesn’t matter at the end of the day.

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Mar 15, 2018 By Erin

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