Kristen and Alwyn - Sunny Greece wedding in Lindos

Posted on Mar 22, 2018

When I found out I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding in Greece, excited wasn't the word! I'd finally got a destination wedding and it was the best.(Apart from being ridiculously hot 24 hours of the day). We must have sweated our own body weight by the time we'd finished photographing but it was all worth it! Kristen and Alwyn were so laidback and enjoyed their day surrounded with their close family and friends. Read a little more from Kristen below...

"How did your other half propose to you?Tell me all about it…"

We went back to where we first met – Abersoch. A beach proposal!

"You're engaged! What was your first job on the to do list?"

First job was to book the venue! He proposed on the Friday and the venue was booked by Monday ha!

"The date...What date did you go for and why did choose that time of year...

Laurie and Martin - Liverpool Wedding

Posted on Mar 15, 2018

Laurie and Martin requested a pre-wedding shoot with me as they weren't too confident infront of the camera at first. It was also a good chance to get to know them and what they had planned for their wedding. Laurie absolutely went to town with helpful advice for all those bride-to-be's out there! Pop the kettle on and have a little scroll...

"Firstly, how did your other half propose to you?"

Martin Proposed on the morning of 17/09/2016. We had bought a house together 6 months previously and knew that engagement and marriage were the next steps. Every trip or special meal would grow suspicion of a proposal and I think martin then made it his mission for it to be a surprise. We got a coffee and went to Crosby marina (which we did all the time) and walked up to sit on the rocks looking out over the beach. I was that preoccupied chatting away that I didn’t see...

Rebecca and Joe - Summer Wedding - Thornton Manor, Chesire

Posted on Mar 15, 2018

I met Rebecca back in 2016 at a cafe in Liverpool and chatted all about her wedding. I immeditately loved everything about it and was so excited to be in with a chance of photographing it. Thankfully she chose me! (Thank you very much!) Their wedding was absolutely gorgeous, filled with lots of love from their own families and their church family. Then a stunning reception over at Thornton Manor. It may have rained most of the day but it didn't stop it being such a fabulous day. Here's Rebecca chatting a little more about their big day and a few of my favourite snaps... Enjoy!

"Firstly how did your other half propse to you?!"

We went on a day trip to Keswick, in the lake district. It’s a place we visit every year and the place where he first told me he loved me. We went for a walk to our fave spot. Joe said he needed the loo and walked behind me whilst I looked onto...

Katie and Alex - Antique Styled Shoot- Bretherton, Lancashire

Posted on Feb 12, 2018

If anything has a flair of the 1920's, I want it. It is my absolute favourite era. If it's gold, antique or sparkly then I'd like it in my house. So working a couple days at a local Antique shop gave me the PERFECT opportunity and location for a styled shoot that was right up my street. I did this simply because I wanted to, it was something I could shoot without the pressure of timings at a wedding and it was a chance to practice my couple portrait skills!

The Antique shop has a huge warehouse type space at the back of the building where lots of people have seperate stall areas. It was perfect as it meant each corner was like a little living room. With big wardrobes, cabinets, mirrors, chandeliers and shelves of antiques gave us so many back drops to try. Thankfully Aiden (the Antique Owner) gave me completely free reign so we were able to photograph anywhere we liked. It...

There's no place like home - Family Photographs - Southport

Posted on Jan 16, 2017

Christmas is the perfect time to gather your whole family together (sometimes the only time) and get that annual family snap while you can . In my case it's usually Grandma shouting "everybody get in!" as her pop up flash shoots out and blinds most of us. Then you compare it to last years and see how we've all grown a little taller (...or wider) and how Grandad's favourite jumper after it's 21 years still makes an appearance.

This year the King's invited me into their home to take a very much needed family photo update seen as two grandchildren weren't born to make the last one! I was contacted by their lovely daughter Ruth all the way from America to say they were all coming together between Christmas and New Year in Southport. Everything was planned until I came down with the dreaded lurgy the day before the shoot! Typical. Thankfully they had some more free time and it all...

Winter is here!

Posted on Nov 22, 2016

Erin Photography, North West Wedding and Lifestyle photographer

It's that time of year again when the jumpers come out and the trees consist of all my favourite colours. I LOVE it! I recently did a little shoot that was booked through my 'Christmas at Home' photography sessions. The family wanted to do it this month to get prints in time for Christmas. So we went on a lovely walk in Bretherton, Lancashire with gorgeous trees allllll the way! Such a nice location, I will definitely use it in the future (thanks Amy!).

Amy and her family were absolute naturals and looked they belonged on the cover of a country magazine. All matching tweed and flat caps - it was fab-u-lous. I might actually send off and see if they'll include it in their next issue. Anyway enjoy and there's still time to book in Christmas session if you fancy it! Have a lovely evening...

Chloe and Tom

Posted on Sep 21, 2016

It's been too long since I last blogged - I'm so awful at it! But I'm blogging about one of my favourite weddings over the summer. It was a barn wedding and it was in the middle of nowehere - LOVED IT! I do love all weddings but I have always ALWAYS wanted to photograph a few hay bales here and there with plenty of picturesque scenes! And to top it off Chloe and Tom were so laid back and lovely, letting me just snap away all day long. I really was in my element. They have recently received all their images so I'd like to share a few more with you now.

Chloe got ready in her home in Gateshead and then traveled down to the High House farm and brewery for the ceremony and reception. There Tom was waiting patiently for his stunning bride! It did rain a little but no one would ever know - they all had a blast anyway!

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